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Movies and Videos: Summer 2020 Schedule

Includes the description of "Beginnings of the Space Age" series, and other videos. Also include the showing date and time for each year.


Showing via JPLTube and FNTube, each movie is available from Wednesday 8:00 am to Saturday 11:00 pm.

These movies are available during the specified time only. Downloading is prohibited. These movies cannot be distributed or shared outside of JPL.

JPL/Caltech Proprietary Business Discreet.

5/27 - 5/30           The American Rocketeer

 6/3  -  6/6             Explorer One

6/10 -  6/13           Destination Moon

6/17 - 6/20            The Changing Face of Mars

6/24 - 6/27            The Stuff of Dreams

7/1   -  7/4             The  Footsteps of Voyager

7/8  -   7/11            To The Rescue

7/15 -  7/18           The Pathfinders 

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