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Accessing Standards at JPL: Standards

NASA Standards Portal

JPL employees have a single point of access to technical standards, tools, and best practices via the NASA Technical Standards Program’s (NTSP) Standards System, sponsored by the Office of the NASA Chief Engineer. The system provides one-stop access to a wide range of standards, including those from: NASA and NASA Centers, ISO (International Standards Organization), and other major standards organizations.

NASA and Center Standards, Technical Memoranda (TM) and Technical Reports (TRs) can also be accessed from this site, at

How to Use the NASA Standards Portal

Before login to NASA Standards Portal:

  • ♦  You will need your NASA LaunchPad login credential and SmartCard (as of August 2019, the Standards website no longer allows for agency login option).
  • ♦  Download and install the FileOpen plugin on your computer/device. More information about FileOpen plugin in the box below.
  • ♦  Most Standards Issuing Organizations have set the limit to prevent re-distribution of files. The standards can only be opened on the same device where it is downloaded.

Login to NASA Standards Portal:

  • ♦  Use the Chrome browser.
  • ♦  Go to


  • ♦  There are two providers for standards, please check the issuing organization (ISO, ANSI, etc.)

Purchase (optional): 

Most of the standards are included in the agency-wide subscription. However, if the one you need is NOT included, you may order it by sending your project/task number and the title/Standard number to Beth Daruthayan ( to purchase it from the individual standard publisher.

FileOpen Plugin

The document that you have purchased is a secured PDF and requires an Adobe security plugin in order to function. If you do not have Admin Privileges to your Computer, please have your IT department help you with the these steps. Here are the instructions:
1) You must have a current Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Here is a free version if needed:
2) Before installing FileOpen, all Adobe files and programs must be closed.
3) When installing FileOpen, it is important that you choose only the "recommend" link from the choices (for Windows, do not choose 64 or 32 bit)
Next, click on the following link to install FileOpen:
If you are using Chrome or Edge as your browser ("Failed to Load" error message or opens as blank after the proper programs are installed):
Chrome and Edge have a built in reader that will interfere with FileOpen. On the DOWNLOAD button, right click, choose 'save link as' or 'save target as'. Save the document to your desktop, but do not change the file name. Once saved, right click the document on your desktop to open the document using Adobe. 
If this did not solve your issue, please call us at 1-855-677-0556, (US/Canada), 1-800-845-140 (Australia), 1-734-780-8000 (all other International).


Login to NASA Standards (Launchpad)

Click to access the
NASA Standards Portal

(Chrome browser only)

Other Notes

Note that standards suppliers typically watermark and/or include footers for standards that users download which include the user’s name, date, etc. This is a reminder that the standards are NOT intended to be distributed further, including sharing in shared repositories.

If you are looking for IEEE Standards, they are also available through the JPL Library’s subscription to IEEE Xplore.

Kimberly Simpson with the Office of the Chief Engineer is the POC for questions regarding NASA and JPL Standards.

Contact the JPL Library

For additional information about any JPL Library resources and services please contact us:

  1. Slack #help-library
  2. Email:
  3. Phone: 818-354-4200
  4. Visit Building 111, Room 104 (the HUB) at JPL: 24/7 access with badge