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Jet Propulsion Laboratory Archives: People & Organizations

Guide for accessing all types of materials in the JPL Archives.

Some of the resources listed below are JPL Internal and require a JPL username and password for access. 

JPL "Computers"

P-163, 1953

Project Deal/Explorer

331-2903A, 1957

Directories, org charts and more; these finding aids are accessible from outside JPL with login rights:

Biography Collection (JPL 323)

Microfilm Indexes (JPL189)

Personnel Charts and Organization Charts (JPL 556)

Technical Report Indexes

Search the Archives Catalog for:

  • Newsletters: Use "Newsletter Collection" as the Series keyword
  • Oral Histories: Use the Power Search mode, and "Oral History" in the Word or Phrase field and the individual's last or family name in the Author field; add Subject terms if desired.

Directories, org chargs and more; these items are accessible with JPL username and password within JPL firewall:

Biography Collection (JPL 323)

Technical Reports

  • electronic Document Information Management System (eDIMS) - for legacy documents "born on paper"
  • JPL Authors Databases (JAD; beta) 1992 to date

Employee Newspapers and Indexes

Telephone Books 1945-2009 (incomplete)

  • Hard copies in the JPL Archives
  • Scanned phone books
  • Org Changes 
    • (Index of notices in "This Week" - 800+ page file)

Contact information for the JPL Archives: