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Jet Propulsion Laboratory Archives: Photo Resources

Guide for accessing all types of materials in the JPL Archives.

Some of the resources listed below are JPL Internal and require a JPL username and password for access. 

These items are accessible from outside JPL:


Historical Photo of the Month

“View Images” to see thumbnails, view “Properties” to see captions.

Photo Index without Images 

Full text searching of all indexes or search within a single PDF.

Scanned Photos

NASA Commons on Flickr (still images)


Film and Video

JPL Videos

JPL Video Catalog

Contact the Archives for access to these collections:

  • JPL Moving Image Collection (JPL 246)
  • JPL Projects Video Collection (JPL 218)
  • 500-26,  JPL NASA Motion Picture Film catalogs (series cover 1970-1975)

NASA Videos on the Defense Video Imagery Distribution System (dvids)


Other Resources

JPL Planetary Photojournal


These items are accessible with JPL username and password:

Online Photo Albums 

Scanned Photos 

JPL Photolab Resources


Planetary Data System (PDS)

The PDS archives and distributes scientific data from NASA planetary missions, astronomical observations, and laboratory measurements. Includes some still and moving images.


Contact information for the JPL Archives: