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BEACON Express Guide: Purchase Books

Purchase Deskcopy Books

For those working on lab:

In BEACON Express, you can request a book purchase.

To order a book, you need to supply a book title, author/editors, ISBN or any other information about the book. You also need to specify a Project/Task Number. The book can be delivered through JPL mail, or held for pick-up at the JPL Library (Building 111).

For those working remotely:

Email Beth Daruthayan if you would like to request home delivery of a purchased print book. The email should include the title(s), the project/task number, the home address, a business need statement, and an approval email from your supervisor/manager.

The library will still process purchase requests for electronic books (pdf and Kindle).


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Contact the JPL Library

For additional information about any JPL Library resources and services please contact us:

  1. Slack #help-library
  2. Email:
  3. Phone: 818-354-4200
  4. Visit Building 111, Room 104 (the HUB) at JPL: 24/7 access with badge